Sea Kayak in Hong Island

Sea Kayak in Hong Island - Lagoon Hong Islands stand out as one of the most beautiful island regions in the Andaman sea. As you approach from the sea, the towering limestone formations & crystal clear water inspire images of a deserted island dream.

There is an abundance of animal life ranging from colourful shoals of fish to swooping sea eagles. These islands are simply breathtaking and a must see for all who visit this region.

Poda Island, Tap Island, and Chicken Island : Sightseeing & Snorkeling

Poda Island is one of the most precious jewels in the Andaman sea with beautiful corals, majestic rock cliffs, bountiful palm trees, and almost completely encircled by soft, glistening white sands. Poda Island is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing and is accessible all year round.

Tap Island is an exotic tropical island ideal for easy snorkeling and exploring on foot. A unique feature of this idyllic island occurs at low tide when you can walk along the white, sandy causeway to the adjoining island of Koh Mor.

Chicken Island is aptly named after the shape of its unique limestone rock jutting out into the sea, This island provides excellent snorkeling opportunities in the warm waters and is rich in coral and marine sea life. With no accommodation on the island it makes for a peaceful and naturally beautiful paradise island.

Canyon - Mangrove forest

The bay at Ao Thalen is one of the most beautiful bays in Thailand.

TA stunning lagoon surrounded by towering karst formations and lovely mangrove forests makes this a wonderful island to explore.

Many channels and hidden inlets mean that you can escape to your own piece of paradise.